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Sous-Chef, Sous-Mama

It is perfect that my internship at Three Lily Farm was marked by the coming of Labor Day 2014. A little historical exploration of Labor Day reveals that the first of September came to be a tribute to the contributions workers have made to strengthen the prosperity and well-being of our country. I love the contribution that Three Lily is to both the local and global culture with their comprehensive eco-education brought to you by their utopic premises in Maine and many a video, blog, or teleseminar.

5 "Damn Easy" Dressings

As you can likely tell, I'm a "Do it Yourself" kind of guy. When it comes to food, if I can make it from scratch, I generally will. Salad dressings are one of those shortcuts that when store bought, usually lead to ingesting poor quality ingredients. I'm challenged by the fact that you can make a delicious vinaigrette in a matter of minutes, yet so many people still head to the store and pick up a bottle or two of processed, sugar ridden dressings. 

Zucchini Fritters

Summer brings zucchini and sometimes those zucchini get huge! Forget to harvest them and a 6-7 inch squash somehow turns into a large club. Because of this massive growth, zucchini get woody and rather unappetizing so grating is one of the best techniques to save this seasonal ingredients from ending up in the compost.

Fire Roasted Salsa

I spent most of last weekend catering for a good friend Arthur Haines at his home in western Maine. 10 students joined him for a 2 day wild food medicine making class. When possible I joined in and learned a few extra plants and how to properly identify and turn them into medicine. 

Quatre Quarts

I originally noticed this recipe during a morning session of drinking coffee and viewing the daily  Facebook news feed. The recipe and attached photos were enticing enough to get me outside to harvest a few cups of mulberries and make it myself.

Our Team

Chef Frank: Inspiring a culinary revolution where people are educated and excited to craft the food that brings forth a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle. Living a simple yet exciting life in mid-coast Maine with my wife and child.

Camille: Loving life in Maine! Mom to a beautiful boy Wilder Sage, loves spending time with her family and tasting her hubby's amazing recipes! Living off-grid surrounded by a bounty of life.

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