Perch w/ Olives & Rosemary

Here's a simple dish that delivers the taste of the Mediterranean while providing lots of flavor and can easily be on the dinner table within 30 minutes. 

Why You Should Start Shuckin!

This past weekend Camille and I took Wilder with a few guests on a little Maine adventure. Before arriving at our destination, the Damariscotta river, we weaved our Subaru down windy roads, stopping at country markets, springs, and antique barns along the way. 

Cranberry Cider Spritzer

Ever since creating a similar recipe for Clean Eats, I have made this drink a staple! Maine cranberries come into abundance around early November and this recipe has become a sure way to transform those tangy berries into a refreshing autumn themed beverage. 

Aromatherapy Playdough

We can remember the the joy and excitement we got from seeing collections of stackable brightly colored containers of play dough in our childhoods. There was something so intriguing about the color and consistency. It held the sensational promise of creativity and exploration with it's curious squish and shapable features. That is exactly the kind of engagement and fulfillment we want Wilder to have around here when we play.

Our Team - the Giglio Family

Chef Frank: Inspiring a culinary revolution where people are educated and excited to craft the food that brings forth a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle. Living a simple yet exciting life in mid-coast Maine with my wife and child.

Wilder: Inspiring his parents to create a sustainable future and life for the next generation. Enjoys spending his time picking berries on the land, eating his papa's delicious food, and playing outside.

Camille: Loving life in Maine! Mom to a beautiful boy Wilder Sage, loves spending time with her family and tasting her hubby's amazing recipes! Living off-grid surrounded by a bounty of life.

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