Striped Bass w/ Chili Relish

This recipe is about as simple as it gets and combines the rich, mild flavored stripped bass and current seasonal condiment, chili pepper relish. A quick sear, or grilled on an open fire makes for a perfect summer or fall meal. 

Duck Prosciutto

Several years ago, a few friends gathered on New Years Eve and hosted a "Mead Off". Although our somewhat sophisticated competition turned into a 80's dance party, we were, if only for a short time, able to hone in a delicious pairing of wild fruit crafted meads and food. Bone marrow, artisan Maine cheese's, and duck prosciutto made their way onto serving platters and delighted our palettes. 

The Magic of Vinegar Infusions

I'd rank apple cider vinegar as one of my top condiments and am sure to always have several gallons on hand to put to use throughout the year. From salad dressings to bone broths, acv brightens recipes and adds an acidic pop just where it's needed.

Sprouted Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

This cookie comes to us through a recipe in the book Cultured Food for Life by Donna Schwenk that my mother brought with her while visiting us this week. In the book, there is a picture of the wedge of the cookie she made with a scoop of kefir ice cream on top. It looks heavenly! I wanted to change a few ingredients in the recipe, and didn't get around to making the ice cream yet, but dang this cookie was good!

Our Team - the Giglio Family

Chef Frank: Inspiring a culinary revolution where people are educated and excited to craft the food that brings forth a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle. Living a simple yet exciting life in mid-coast Maine with my wife and child.

Wilder: Inspiring his parents to create a sustainable future and life for the next generation. Enjoys spending his time picking berries on the land, eating his papa's delicious food, and playing outside.

Camille: Loving life in Maine! Mom to a beautiful boy Wilder Sage, loves spending time with her family and tasting her hubby's amazing recipes! Living off-grid surrounded by a bounty of life.

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