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How to Make Gravlax (Cured Salmon)

Ever since spending a summer in Alaska, I have developed a love for just about any preparation of wild salmon. This keystone species has been and still plays a crucial role in the life of many mammals and indigenous people in select parts of the world.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

With more and more people choosing to avoid gluten, recipes like this have gained in popularity. Flourless chocolate cake is moist, chocolatey, and perfect for those looking to fulfill their chocolate cravings and avoid heavy nut filled desserts.

Kombucha Ketchup

I have a tendency to over brew my kombucha which in turn, creates a drink that more so resembles vinegar then a tasty fermented beverage.

Lacto Fermented Mustard

We love condiments and always try to have a few to choose from. Making your own mustard is not only simple to do, it makes the store-bought varieties seem dull and boring.

Purple Potato Salad

Potato Salad has been a staple side dish at just about any summer bbq I have ever attended. Creamy, rich, starchy bliss that sits in the sun and gently warms as the hot ways of light beam down apron the tubers covered in thick mayo. 

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Chef Frank: Inspiring a culinary revolution where people are educated and excited to craft the food that brings forth a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle. Living a simple yet exciting life in mid-coast Maine with my wife and child.


Camille: Loving life in Maine! Mom to a beautiful boy Wilder Sage, loves spending time with her family and tasting her hubby's amazing recipes! Living off-grid surrounded by a bounty of life.

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