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Wild Salmon Handrolls


Since I was a young boy, I have always enjoyed fresh fish! Growing up along the southern coastline of Connecticut, I remember spending numerous days out at the docks hoping to land a big striped bass. Warm summer days brought us to the tidal rivers to fill our buckers with blue crabs. Once I got them home, my father would clean them up and make crab sauce, one of my all time favorite meals! This video features my most preferred fish, wild salmon. In 2001 I spent the summer cooking at a remote fly fishing lodge in Alaska. They were in such abundance, that we prepared them nearly daily. Unfortunately, wild salmon are nearly extinct here in New England, so my salmon consumption is limited to peak season around July.

This video offers a simple technique for preparing salmon using collard greens and Asian flavors. This versatile recipe can be used with any fresh fish, wild preferred, and seasonal vegetables.

Wild Salmon Handrolls